1.   What are your hours?     TheFishBlackSmall
Currently, we are open Monday noon to 7PM Tuesday thru Friday from Noon  to  8PM,  and Saturdays from 10am  till  6pm

2.   How Old do I have to be to get a Tattoo?    
You must be 18 years of age with proper ID to get a tattoo.   NO EXCEPTIONS!   By Law, we have to photocopy everyone's ID for our records to prove that we're checking ID's.   If you're 75 years old and want a tattoo, you need your ID.   If you're 17, you have to wait until you're 18, and don't forget your ID.
ID's must be valid State or Government issued ID's such as Licenses, Passports, Drivers Permits, Liquor ID's, and Registry ID's.

3.   I really want a tattoo, but I don't know what I want.   What should I do?
  You should wait until you know what you want.   Our job is to do the tattoo and help with placement (based on where you want it), not decide for you what to get.   Relying on other people (especially strangers) to tell you what to get is a very bad idea and will no doubt result in a tattoo that you'll regret.   Nobody says you have to get a tattoo today, there is no deadline.   Put some thought into it and everyone will be happy with the outcome.

4.   How bad does it hurt?
  A tattoo is very tolerable, but everyone's pain threshold is different from one person to another.  

5.   How much does an average tattoo cost?
This is impossible to determine since there is no "average" tattoo.   Tattoos at our shop range from a starting price of $60 to several thousand for large scale work.  We charge a minimum of $60, and our hourly rate is $120/hour.   However, you don't want to price-shop a tattoo as you should be shopping for quality over quantity when it comes to tattoos.   It's on you forever and the disappointment of bad tattoos lasts longer than the satisfaction of a good deal.

6.   How do I make an appointment for a tattoo?

You will need to come into the shop to make an appointment so that an artist can discuss your plans with you in person. This way, we can examine the skin, evaluate what we are working with and estimate a time frame on how much time to book with you, all of which are impossible to do over the phone. A deposit of $50 is required for all appointments. This deposit goes towards your tattoo and ensures that you will show up for the tattoo.

7.   What do I have to do to take care of my tattoo, and how long does it take to heal?

Your artist will provide you with oral and written aftercare instructions that you must follow strictly.   Tattoos generally take about 3-4 weeks on average to fully heal, although healing times vary from person to person.   Again, your aftercare instructions must be followed perfectly or you could risk longer healing times, loss of color, infection, and a host of other potential problems.   Any questions should be directed towards your artist.

8.   How old do I have to be to get a piercing?

                    Ages vary per piercing. Minors please have parent/ legal guardian and proper IDs (see below)
                   18 + up for genitals NO EXCEPTIONS

ID's are required for all piercings, no matter how old you are or if we've pierced you before.   ID's must have Date of Birth and   must be Government issued, such as Licenses, Passports, Drivers Permits, Liquor ID's, Student ID's, and Registry ID's.   Anyone under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a Parent (with Birth Certificate) or Legal Guardian (with Guardianship Papers Present).   Parent AND minor must have valid ID(for minors we accept school IDs or any type of ID or card with name and picture of minor on it.)

We do not pierce or tattoo anyone without the Proper ID!

9.   How long before I can change my jewelry?

You must wait until your piercing is completely healed up before changing jewelry.   Healing times vary from person to person, but these are general guidelines to approximate healing times.   It is advisable that you come in to see if your piercing is ready to have it's jewelry changed before taking that next step.

                            Body piercings:                At least 8 weeks
                            Tongue:                            At least 2 weeks
                            Lip:                                   At least 6 weeks

Piercings heal from the outside going in, so when a piercing appears to be healed, in many cases, it is nowhere near done healing, and sticking to the aftercare provided by the piercer is an absolute must.   If you notice anything happening that you are unsure of or just want a professional opinion, please contact your piercer within 2-3 DAYS from first noticing anything...do not allow it to progress any further, as it might involve a doctor visit/losing the piercing.   Do NOT, under any circumstance, remove jewelry without consulting with our piercer first.   Do NOT listen to your friends, family, or any other unqualified people when it comes to a piercing question.   NEVER USE ALCOHOL, NEOSPORIN/BACITRACIN, BACTINE, OINTMENTS, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, PIERCED EAR ANTISEPTIC, OR ANY OTHER HOUSEHOLD REMEDIES NOT SUGGESTED BY THE PIERCER.   ONLY USE WHAT THE PIERCER SUGGESTS YOU USE!!!  


 11. PIERCING PRICES:  Ear Lobes - $35 each or both for $60.  Belly , Eyebrows , Nose , Lips , Labret , Cartilage , Tounge , Septum , Cheeks  etc are all $40  each!!  Industrials and surface piercings are $50. Nipples are $40 each and $70 if you pierce both of them!!  Dermals are $60 each or $100 for 2!! All Genital piercings are $60!!  AS ALWAYS THE JEWELRY IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF ALL PIERCINGS!!